What is a lead form submission?

Form extensions for potential customers help you generate leads by allowing people to submit their information in a form directly in your ad. According to Google, “lead form extensions help you generate leads by allowing people to submit their information from a form directly in your ad. In addition to forms, slow-loading landing pages are a real curse for advertisers. They increase the bounce rate by 32% and decrease the conversion rate by 4.42%.

To address this problem, advertising publishers such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google have been implementing new solutions for advertisers to generate leads, such as native lead generation ads. Google Ads lead form extensions are lead generation ads designed to help businesses generate leads directly from the page. Potential customer data is collected when they search for a product or service, or when they type specific keywords into Google. These extensions can help several companies in various sectors, such as real estate, automotive, education, finance, B2B, travel, hospitality and more.

For example, a marketing agency could employ a lead form extension campaign in Google Ads to attract potential customers who want to receive a free PDF template to improve their marketing strategy. Once users submit their contact information, they'll receive the free template via email. In addition, they are invited to contact the agency by booking a 30-minute introduction call to receive a marketing consultation. In the case of the marketing agency, the way to measure where the conversion comes from is to “send” first-hand data from your CRM to Google.

In other words, they can download this data from the segment of people from the CRM who booked a 30-minute introductory call. Then, import it to Google to match the leads coming from the lead form campaign. Companies can also manually download and manage leads collected in a CSV file. However, these files are only stored for 30 days, and the process for uploading them to marketing tools is slow, error-prone, and expensive.

LeadsBridge offers strong integration technology with more than 370 marketing tools, such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Bitrix24, and many more. As a business manager, if you decide to do this process manually, it's important to remember that the prospect's CSV files are only stored for 30 days. When it comes to following up after submitting a contact form, time plays a huge role in converting potential customers. You should be prepared to respond as soon as a person submits a form on your website (keeping in mind that these are your business hours).

If they don't hear from you, they'll assume something isn't working. LeadsBridge is a cloud-based integration platform with a strong focus on privacy and security best practices and strong integration technology. There's a way to streamline your work even more with lead forms, so you can send quick, personal responses and never miss submitting a contact form. Once a user submits a prospect form, it is necessary to immediately follow up with the prospect by sending them a confirmation email or a welcome SMS text message to encourage their intention.

Yumble does a great job keeping its lead generation form focused on conversions and the user experience, all at the same time. You must copy and paste the Webhook URL and the Google key that you receive when creating your bridge into the LeadsBridge application. In a few paragraphs, we'll discuss how to use Google's lead form extensions and YouTube TrueView for Action campaigns in Google Ads. Synchronize lead data, integrate your favorite CRM with your other marketing tools, say goodbye to CSV files, and more.

In this post, we've searched the web and found some great examples of lead generation forms to help increase form conversion rates. Communication with potential new customers should be practical and instantaneous to get the most out of your advertising efforts. Since these potential customers have already interacted with the brand and are familiar with it, they're more likely to take action. It's essential to know that if a company decides to use a webhook integration to synchronize potential customers with its CRM, the CRM administrator must ensure that it works correctly and properly.

For more information on setting up Lead Ad Extensions, contact you and we'll get back to you right away to get you up and running. In this example, the Social Media Examiner lead generation form uses many of the right tactics to get people to become subscribers in exchange for a detailed report. In this case, the marketing manager may decide to create a remarketing campaign to take the potential customer one step further down the funnel. .


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