Generating Leads with Google Ads Lead Form Extensions

Google Ads lead form extensions are lead generation ads designed to help companies generate leads directly from the search results page. These extensions can be used by companies in various sectors, such as real estate, automotive, education, finance, B2B, travel, hospitality and more. The beauty of Google's lead form ads is that they create a streamlined experience for both the consumer looking to find an answer to their questions and for the seller looking to promote their product to the most relevant audience. Form extensions for potential customers are perfect for companies whose products and services are simple and straightforward.

Because users show intent and interest in their search, companies can generate more leads and optimize their acquisition costs without compromising quality. This option will allow you to get better quality leads, but with a higher cost per lead (CPL) and fewer potential customers overall. Google lead form ads can encourage new potential customers to enter a marketing funnel, but they may require more advertising efforts. Like many other ad extensions, you'll be able to set up lead extensions in your Google Ads account at the same time as other extensions (such as sitelink extensions, featured text extensions, and more).

In addition, a dysfunctional webhook URL will generate a malfunction that will cause the contact form to be rejected. While tracking results can be beneficial, ultimately, a company should always make an effort to generate leads that convert into sales. TrueView for Action Form Ads is a form of native lead generation ads designed specifically for YouTube, with the goal of helping advertisers in various industries. For more information on setting up lead ad extensions, contact you and we'll get back to you right away to help and run.

You must copy and paste the Webhook URL and the Google key you receive when creating your bridge in the LeadsBridge application. To address this problem, advertising publishers such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google have been implementing new solutions for advertisers to generate leads, such as native lead generation ads. In practice, TrueView for Action Form Ads helps companies generate more leads than traditional ads, where viewers are redirected to a landing page. Make sure your sales and marketing teams are notified the moment a lead is created and have access to all the potential customer data they need to follow up.

Capturing high-intent leads is great, but if you don't follow up with those leads quickly enough, all your efforts will go to waste. Google Ads form extensions for potential customers are a powerful tool that can be incorporated into search, display, YouTube or Discovery campaigns.

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